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      1. Welcome to the official website of Nantong Jiaxingtai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.!

        Nantong Jiaxingtai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


        Nantong Jiaxingtai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


        +86-18795782766(Mr. Cai)

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        Liquid crystal photoelectric materials
        Amino acid derivatives
        API Pharmaceutical intermediates
        Fine chemicals
        Food additives
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        Pyridinium toluene-4-sulphonate
        L-histidine dihydrochloride

        ABOUT US

        Nantong Jiaxingtai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. newly invested and founded a modern bio-pharmaceutical production base in the north of Jiangsu province in 2010. There are several biological plants, synthetic reaction plant and GMP clean plant in our factory now. In 2015, we establish a research and development company with overseas returnees doctors and masters as core members. Now, the main research directions are: pharmaceutical intermediates in the combination way of biological enzyme method and chemical synthesis; technology development, technical consultation, technology transfer and technical services in the bio-pharmaceutical field; production, research, development and sales of liquid crystal materials, photoelectric materials, electronic products, chemical products and raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and other fine chemicals. Now, we are a hi-tech biological enterprise.

        Sticking to the concept of "mutual benefit and common development", our company has business strictly in accordance with international quality standard system, and cooperates with customers with high-quality products and sincere service to contribute to economic construction and social development.

        Nantong Jiaxingtai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



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